How does the FREE hosting work?

In a bid to return to the Christian community, we vow to offer FREE EMail and web hosting to qualified Christian Church or Christian Community during the introductory period.  You are expected to have registered a valid domain name.

Can I set up email accounts for

Email addresses can be setup with access via client or Roundcube Webmail.  Alternatively, you can setup email services from a range of providers including Google Apps.

How do I point a domain to my new OpenChurch website?

We do not host our own domain servers. You will need to use your registrar’s DNS settings to point to our server’s IP address. We will send you information on how to change these settings.
How do I manage my site files?Each account has SSH (non-root) and SFTP access.

Can I take my site with me?

Yes you can! Unlike many other Church hosting services, your website is yours. You can download your site files and database and move them to any host that can run Drupal websites.

OpenChurch Features

  • Blog – Includes a list page and archive page, the blog content type is very simple and this does not use the core blog module.
  • Bulletin – Includes block for downloading latest bulletin, also a list page and content type.
  • Events – Includes a list display and uses calendar module for calendar display and integrates well with ministry content
  • Gallery – Integrates with ministry content and is an easy way to manage galleries, uses lightbox for image display.
  • Giving – Includes list display for featured charities
  • Homepage Rotator – a very nice way to feature content on the homepage in a slideshow which is a very common feature on sites today.
  • Image – pretty simple content type for displaying single images
  • Ministry – this represents a churches core ministries (Missions, Youth, etc.) and integrates with other content on the site.
  • Podcast – An out of the box sermon podcast page. Also includes a block for showing the most recent podcast. It is called labelled ‘Sermons’ but can be used for any kind of podcast.
  • SimpleNews – Add a new free app to the App Store that allows administrators to easily set up an online newsletter for their Church site.
  • Social – Social integration with Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more! Enable visitors to share content with their social networks.
  • Staff – Includes staff page and integration with well with ministries.
  • Video – Add 3rd party video from Youtube and Vimeo using the media module!