Having trouble sending large file using Thunderbird?  Here is an elegant solution which took me less than 30 mins to get setup on our Dreamhost hosting and the client end using Thunderbird + DL Plugin.

Server Installation

  1. Download dl ticket service
  2. Follow the installation steps here which basically involving
    • copying httpdoc files under your web service directory
    • modify the config.php to reflect your actual URL, Email and path to dl spool
    • populate sqllite3 database with scripts provided
    • PHP setup to increase the original max file size to over 7MB (
    • creates user using internal or external authentication
    • Note the following Upload limitSelection_026

Client Installation

  1. Open Thunderbird
  2. Install from Add-ons Manager  – DL for Thunderbird plugin
  3.  Edit > Preference (Linux) or Tools > Options (Windows)
  4. Attachments > Outgoing
  5. Add > Setup up Filelink > DL
  6. Populate REST URL with your server URL and Username already created Thunderbird Preferences_027
  7. Click on Authorize Thunderbird Preferences_028


Now when you are composing email with attachment, it would automatically ask if you wish to send as a Link if it is over the 5MB (by default) or you can convert attachment to a link manually.

Write: (no subject)_029

All credits goes to Yuri D’Elia <wavexx@thregr.org> for producing this excellent solution.

Attaching Large files in Thunderbird
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